Sunday, November 18, 2012

Final Fifteen!

Wow! What an auditon. It has been so fun to watch everyone as the auditons have progressed. Such  variety  and wonderful talent! Congratulations to all who participated. If you didn't make the finals this year, don't be discouraged, we would love to have you auditon again next year, so keep practicing and perfecting your talent.

Now....what we have all been waiting for...the Final Fifteen!  These are listed in alphabetial order and the Battle of the Bands finalist are listed separately.......

Amanda Young
Amy Camp Leany
Avonlea Dalley
Cameron Hansen
Daniel Roberts
Dynamic Duo (Brynlee Wright & Blake Hofheins)
Jeffrey Elggren
Jesse Barraclough
Jillian Durham
John Stubbs
Jolene Taylor
Liv McCune 
Peyton Kemp
Rosalyne Savala

Battle of the Bands Finalists

Matt McDermott
My Brother the Carpenter

Monday, November 12, 2012

Those moving to the Call Back Round should have received a set of instructions as to what happens next. If you did not receive it, please contact us through or
Thank you to all those who auditioned in the third Dixie's Got Talent! There is great talent out there and it was fun to see and hear so many of you on Saturday. It it unfortunate not everyone can move on to the next round, but if you are not, we hope you will audition again next year.

Congratulations to all those who are moving on to the callback round! Callbacks are this Saturday, November 17th, beginning at 10:00 a.m in the Eccles Concert Hall.  Family and friends are welcome to come and support you.  Please be checked in and ready to perform no less than fifteen minutes prior to your performance time.  Your name and audition time are listed below. See you on Saturday and good luck!

10:00    Pagnea
10:05    Shiann Ruesch
10:10      Amanda Young
10:15    Rosalyne Savala
10:20    Liv McCune
10:25    Clara Williams
10:30    Mandee & the ABC Girls
10:35    Jolene Taylor
10:40    Daniel Roberts
10:45    Brooke Sawyer
10:50    Inception
10:55    Amy Camp Leany
11:00    Peyton Kemp
11:05    Jeffrey Elggren
11:10    Jillian Durham
11:15    Colten Wadsworth
11:20    Matt McDermott
11:25    Brylei Vandenberghe
11:30    Autumn Best
11:35    Avonlea Dalley
11:40    Zac Stucki
11:45    John Stubbs
11:50    Jesse Barraclough
11:55    Tanner Hafen
12:00    McKenna Mecham & Ashia Rowland
12:05    Miranda Wells
12:10    Cameron Hansen
12:15    Candace Thompson
12:20    McKenna Mecham 
12:25    Mailea Dalley
12:30    Hunter Cummings
12:35    Dynamic Duo (Brynlee Wright)
12:40    My Brother the Carpenter