Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What if my group has more than 10 members?  Can we still perform?"
A. Group size is limited to, at most, 10 individuals.  Consider splitting larger groups into smaller groups and increasing your odds of winning.

Q. "Some members of our group are in one age category, while the rest of the group is in another.  Under which age category should we register?"
A. Groups with multiple age categories should register under the age category of the eldest member of the group.  For example, if one group has members in the Junior and Senior categories, the group should register under the Senior age category.

Q. "The website and application form state that a $10 application fee is required.  Is this fee $10 per group member?"
A. The application fee is only $10 per performance.  All individual and group performances will need to pay a $10 application fee per performance only, not per individual group member.

Q. "We have sent in our audition form.  How do we find out when our performance time is?"
A. Contestants will be notified Thursday, November 3rd via their email address - or phone number if no email was provided - on the application form.

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